Fax's performance programs all use comedy, mime, masks, and magic illusions, to highlight his series of unique characters.

The whole family will enjoy this hilarious blend, which includes a self-destructing robot, a bodybuilder outmuscled by audience volunteers, a court jester who uses magic to entertain a
reluctant queen, a magical masked marionette (Fax), a rock band, and a heart transplant operation you¹ll never forget.

Concert programs include classical mime vignettes. Programs are adaptable to any audience, from adults to children to everyone in between.


"We rated Fax's concert an A+. He has a rare mix of artistic talent and entertainment skill that holds his audience and doesn't let go."
Ray Sumpter, Forum Coordinator, Iowa Wesleyan College

“We’ve had Fax to our National Rally for the past ten years in a row. His unique form of performance art, audience interaction, and versatility of expression is enjoyed by all our wide range of ages."
Rosie Dirksen, Director, National Rally, Winnebago Industries

“I heard many, many good things about your 33 shows...thank you for helping to make the Iowa State Fair the best ever."
Jan Higgins, Program Director, Iowa State Fair

“Fax’s school programs and town hall festival concert were tremendous successes. He has a way of connecting with audiences of all ages. The Irish loved him."
Lali Morris, Director, International Children's Festival of the Arts, Galway, Ireland

Your program was so good that other sponsors have been calling from word of mouth review to book you before the end of the year. This has never happened to Quad City Arts before."
Holly Richards, Director, Award Winning Visiting
Artists Series, Quad Cities

“Your performances were such a success we decided to have you back for our New Years Eve City Festival."
Jane Pacey, Director, Centralia Cultural Society, Centralia ,Ill.

I’ve been at Cather for 27 years. This was the best assembly we’ve ever had! You had all the kids and teachers eating out of the palm of your hand."
Linda Frey, Cather School, Millard, NE

I’ve been here 21 years and yours was the best program I’ve seen. Several other presenters said the same thing."
Mrs. Thompson, Cameron ,MO.