Enlivening Strong Character as an Antidote to BULLYING

This Program is for Elementary, Middle & Junior High Schools

Students learn:

• The difference between joking, teasing, and BULLYING

• The difference between "telling" and "tattling"

• What to do if you're a target or observer of BULLYING

• How to get what you want without BULLYING

• How enlivening trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship stop BULLYING

Here is what educators are saying......

“Fax’s student involvement and amazing skill at illustrating strong messages on character and bullying through mime, masks and magic kept our 3-6 grade audience involved during the entire assembly. Outstanding program!"
Kevin Farmer, Principal, West Elementary School , Glenwood Iowa

“ In the four years I’ve been principal, this was the best ‘character’ program we’ve had. The students were spellbound and Fax covered material in a way that all ages could relate to."
Steve Ita, Principal, Danville Schools

“Fax’s presentation went over so well with our 600 fifth thru eighth graders. He used his talents to take the crowd from serious to silly in minutes, and that is exactly how this age group loves ideas presented!!! His presentation was a perfect kick-off for either a character education program, or a bullying prevention program."
Julie Bisher, Middle School Counselor, Grinnell Middle School, Grinnell, IA

“It was exceptional. Fax made the subject matter fun and memorable and he kept the kids enjoying themselves the entire time. Fax has made a fabulous idea and strong talent into one of the best character presentations I’ve seen."
Scott Bair, Guidance Counselor, Hale Elementary School, Schaumberg, Ill

“Our students and staff enjoyed the program and discussed it throughout the day. Most important is the fact that Fax’s points and tips are consistent with the messages and skills we have been incorporating in our school."
Mary Dwyer, School Social Worker, Old Post Elementary, Oswego, Ill

“Fax did an excellent job of holding the students’ interest about character education. The skits at the end were fantastic. He left our students with something to remember!"
Beth Norman, Asst. Principal, Stevens Middle School, Wilmington, IL

"Outstanding! Fax has a real gift for being able to communicate to middle school kids. His illusions and comedy make his messages on character and bullying very tangible for students to strive for."
Dennis Brostrum, Counselor, Berg Middle School, Newton, Iowa

"Our students really paid attention. They enjoyed his mime, and magic etc, but also heard his messages about character. He reinforced what we emphasize in our school, but presented it in a fun way."
Mrs. Norin, Social Worker, Erickson School, Bloomingdale, Ilinois

"Our kids said it was the best assembly we’ve ever had! I’ve seen Fax several times..we’ll have him back."
Linda Zinn, Principal, South Shore Middle School, Decatur, Illinois

“Character and Bullying was one of the best assemblies I have seen in 19 years of being in education."
Donna Madafferi, Principal, Riley School Northlake Illinois

“ Fax kept the student interest with just the right amount of student involvement. He incorporated education and bullying in a concise and understandable manner."
Laura Longo, Counselor, East Elementary, Ankeny, Iowa

“Fax Gilbert has provided an outstanding Character and Bullying performance at Emerson the past two years. Fax is on top of the show from the opening moments to the ending applause. He quickly has the students listening, interacting, and performing with him.The kids love his magic, skits, and humor.Fax superbly intertwines the principles of Character Counts into his performance and reinforces positive behavior with the students.This is an excellent assembly. I highly recommend Fax to all schools."
Tom Comfort, Principal, Emerson Elementary, Indianola Schools

“Students and staff both thoroughly enjoyed the assembly. Some students told me it was the best assembly we ever had. Teachers commented they wished it had been given at the beginning of the school year as an excellent kick-off for our Character Counts"
Patti Decker, Principal, Homestead Elem. Oswego, Ill

“As expressed by their verbal and non-verbal responses, the students I most hoped would be influenced by your Character and Bullying assembly were engaged throughout. I’d say you were a big success with Boone students. Thank you for your messages and entertainment.!"
Nate Heying, Principal, Boone Middle School, Boone IA

“6th graders loved the program and were talking about it all day. Our question was how the 7th and 8th graders would handle the show. To our surprise they loved it also. Great!"
Ben Commare, Asst. Principal, Belvidere Central Middle School Ill

“On a hot, humid, day in a school gymnasium, you kept our students’ total attention. The character messages were understandable for all students---kindergarten through eighth grade."
Jerry Martinek, Principal, New Hartford-Dike Junior High School

“It was great! Kids were thoroughly entertained and enjoyed every minute of it. Excellent job of tying in the Six Pillars of Character Development woven throughout the program. Kids and staff loved the humor and the student involvement."
Lana Beard, Principal, Lenox Schools, IA

“An excellent program with a great balance between entertainment and knowledge."
Mike O’Leary, Principal, Coralville Elementary School, Iowa City Schools

"We’ve had several character programs this year. Fax’s was easily the best."
Marv Castle Principal, Bedford Schools

Thanks! The teachers and students LOVED your assembly program! They had many positive comments about how it was very fun yet had great messages about character and bullying!
Norene A. Bunt, Principal, Greenwood Elementary School, Des Moines IA

“Pioneer Elementary School continues to request assemblies performed by Fax Gilbert for our students in K-5. Students and staff find his spirited educational programs not only enriching, fitting perfectly within our District curriculum, but he makes this learning engaging, creative and fun! Fax’s programs involve his students, gently guiding students to use their creativity and critical thinking skills! The students may not always remember what they learned from a social studies book, but they will always remember the lessons they learned from Fax’s Character Education assemblies and One-Day State History Plays!"
Donna Hayley, Principal, Valley View School Dist. 365U, Pioneer Elem. School, Bolingbrook Ill

“Fax, Your skits, stories, humor etc. all make your character and bullying messages so relevant and meaningful!! Much appreciation."
Becky Hacker-Kluver, Princiipal, Webster City Middle School, Iowa

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