A new forty-five minute school assembly program to help orient kids toward healthier lifestyle choices which they can carry with them throughout life. This dynamic, interactive presentation focuses on the value of creating healthy habits for kids (and adults) in both body and mind. It will help enliven and supplement any school’s current health, nutrition, and fitness initiatives.

Health and Happiness uses visual aids, models, props, magic illusions and dramatic characters to connect with kids and lead them to a better understanding and practice of what it takes stay healthy and happy by putting attention on six areas: (R.E.D.C.A.P.) Rest, Exercise, Diet, Character, Attitude, Pride/Perseverance.

Introduction: Why focus on health for kids. The growing problem.
Recent studies show children’s health and wellness in decline.
A comparison of the children’s exercise and diet from forty years ago and now. (food props)

• The crown jewel of good health
• The basis of activity
• The value of sleep, napping, and quiet time.
• How to know if you’re getting enough rest.
• The best time to rest
Illustrated by magic and mime illusions and props.

• Tony Amino - Fitness expert character (audience participation)
• Exercises you’re already doing
• Exercises you should be doing
• Why exercise is good for you - Heart / Lung model and demonstration
• Smoking and Health -
• Making exercise regular and fun
• The Walking Bus: A parent supervised walking program
• Tony’s everyday, fitness for life. most fun exercise (audience participation)

• Balanced diet is key (illustrated with US Government food pyramind)
• Milk vs. Cola
• Sugar vs. Strength
• Finding your food friends
• Healthy eating habits
• Don’t get caught - habits to avoid
• How to educate your parents
Illustrated throughout with , food props, magic illusions and audience interaction

• Understanding character: The role of facing challenges and our health
• Spinning Star Analogy - visual aid
• Listening to our heart
student skits on respect and caring

• The mind-body connection: an expanded understanding of health and happiness
• Value of positive attitude (illustrated by two interactive characters)
• Committing to healthy choices
• Play and health - colored glasses illustration

Pride / Perseverance
• Loving your self (questions and student interaction)
• Improving your self
• Reaching your goal
• A lifelong process

Review and Conclusion:
R.E.D.C.A.P.: The secret to creating health and happiness
“Transplant" skit with student patient and nurses

References For Health And Happiness:

“Fax created a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm while presenting his Health and Happiness wellness program. Our students were actively engaged during the clever and humorous skits promoting a healthy, active, and respectful lifestyle. His creative use of mime, music, magic, props and visual aids kept the students fully entertained while they learned valuable life lessons. He is particularly skilled in prompting his student volunteers to get into the act quickly, making the skits more enjoyable for everyone. Our experience with Fax was delightful and inspiring. We plan to have him back again soon."
Len Hansen, Principal, Roosevelt Elementary School, Sioux City IA

Fax’s “Health and Happiness" was a painless way to receive healthy living advise. The kids could remember R.E.D.C.A.P. and were engaged and learning while being entertained. A great program!"
Maquoketa Valley Elementary School Teachers, Earlville Iowa

“This was one of the best assemblies I have seen in 19 years of being in education."
Donna Madafferi, Principal, Riley School (K-5th grade), Northlake IL

“Our kids said it was the best assembly we’ve ever had! I’ve seen Fax several times and we’ll have him back."
Linda Zinn, Principal, South Shore Middle School, Decatur, Ill

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