"MIME, MASKS, AND MAGIC" (50 minute library program)

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Fax Gilbert’s Summer Reading Program
Mime, Masks, and Magic Library Rocks Concert
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Last summer Fax presented over 50 library programs throughout Iowa and Nebraska. For over 25 years his programs have delighted Midwest audiences. This year treat your young readers to his fifty minute “Mime, Masks and Magic" interactive Library Rocks “concert program.
It will stimulate their creative juices and inspire them toward reading, self expression and library usage.
If desired, this program will include the 2019 summer reading theme:
“Libraries Rock" - with a Rock Band of your kids

• A court jester whose magic entertains a reluctant queen (and your patrons)
• A robot so real, you’ll be relieved when it self-destructs
• A masked marionette that inspires reading and library usage
• A fitness/expert out-smarted by your kids
• A wacky doctor and a transplant operation you’ll never forget

Fun• both young and old will laugh and laugh and laugh
Affordable • book with another library or two to save
Xceptional • uses multiple artistic talents: mime, masks, magic, audience interaction

Fax Gilbert is an artist / educator who uses the performance skills of mime, masks, magic and audience participation to teach and inspire students of all age levels. During the past twenty five years Fax has presented over 5000 programs at schools, libraries, festivals and theaters as well as keynoting many regional educational events. He travels the Midwest fulltime delivering a range of programs including character and health education school assemblies, creative dramatics residencies, and state history plays.

Referrals from Iowa and Nebraska Libraries

"Perhaps the best program I've seen in my 16 year's here."
Vicki Casper, Director, Hildreth Library, Hildreth NE

“The crowd at our summer reading concert was laughing and having a great time. We would recommend Fax for audiences of all ages."
Katherine Rich, Director, Upham Memorial Library, Fredricksburg, IA

“Loved how his miming and magic skits were put to music, and the kids were so attentive and totally entertained. It was a great way to end our summer read and one of the best kids programs our library has had in years."
Tami Anderson, Library Director, Hartington Public Library, NE

“This was by far the best program we’ve had this year . Maybe the best program ever!
Lori Holt, Children’s Librarian, Fort Dodge, IA

“We were very pleased with the summer reading program you put on for our community. The attendance was great and you had the kid’s attention the whole time. Thank you for such a great program and we look forward to doing more events with you in the future."
Jennifer Czekai, Director, Blue Hill Library, NE

“You were the best show we’ve had by far."
Kris Murphy, Chariton Public Library, IA

“Your program was very entertaining for all ages. The children loved the silliness of the surgery"
Joyce Sullivan, Director, Elgin Public Library, NE

“I’m not sure who enjoyed Fax’s program more--the grown-ups or the kids. “Mime, Masks, and Magic" was great for all ages and I would highly recommend it to any school or library."
Diane Herzog, Children’s Librarian, Council Bluffs, IA

“Thanks for coming to Weeping Water to do a show. We did have a superb turnout and everyone had a great time. We will keep you in mind for future programs.."
Aimee Morlan, Director, Weeping Water Library NE

“You do a great job of combing several different art forms-mime, magic and comedy and providing the kids (and adults) the opportunity to participate made your program especially entertaining and interesting. I know that everyone attending had a great time and I especially appreciated your promoting reading and libraries."
Dave Ashcraft, Youth Services Specialist, Des Moines Libraries, IA

“A major hit!! All ages enjoyed the wonderful mix of mime and magic. The line for autographs at the end says it all. Well worth the money. We want you back!"
Linda Fowler, Children’s Librarian, Burlington Public Library

“We’ve received a ton of compliments on your program. Keep doing what you’re doing"
Sue Van Hemert, Children’s Librarian, Waverly Public Library, IA

“In my thirty years of teaching I have never seen students so captivated by a presenter."
Judy Hughes, Cather Elementary, Millard Schools, NE

For bookings or other inquiries

Fax Gilbert Programs
PO Box 1893
Fairfield, IA 52556